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Insights on Different Types of Web Design Services

Let’s start with a few elementary questions, how far you can move with your online business? Do you have customers from all over the world? Are you satisfied with your business growth? If your answers seem disappointing, then there is something more you need to understand before approaching the Best Web Design Company or rather taking the next giant step in e-business.

Insights on Different Web Design Services

Despite the many free web design services available on the web, services such as Flash and e-commerce functionality require the skills of a professional web designer. No wonder, these features are referred to as the “bells and whistles” of a website to enhance its overall look and feel.

Listed below are the few services offered by a reputed web design and development company:

Buttons: One of the most basic components of website design is the buttons that help users for navigation. Website designers can create these buttons to resemble three-dimensional buttons found on a phone.

Flash: One of the popular web design services is Website Design Template that comprises of animated content and accompanied by sound to let know users of what they can expect from their overall web experience.

Shopping Cart: Other standard e-commerce functions include “shopping carts” that allows users to view the items they’ve chosen and their total costs before proceeding to checkout. Besides, a highly-functional e-commerce section offers a variety of payment methods translates to an increase in sales.

Drop-Down Menu: Another important feature in web designing for a shopping section is a drop-down menu that allows users to browse items according to categories, brands, price range or colour.

In the event of a person hiring top-notch Web Design Company in New York to design a website, it’s important to know that there’s more that goes into websites than just text and graphics. Means, a custom website design is not actually the size of the business that impacts but the way you advertise it.


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Responsive Web Design – An Assured Gateway to Generate Leads For Online Business

A famous cliché goes like this, “First Impression is the best impression”. So, the key factor to pull in more people and meanwhile converting them into your potential customers is ofcourse a great website design. Didn’t you know that inbound marketing teaches you that the ultimate goal of having a website is to generate leads?

What do you think that tempts your prospects to shop again and again on your website? Ofcourse, the emotional factor together with amazing experience, regardless to the device they use. This can’t be achieved with just another Web Development Company but only a Responsive Web Design Firm.

When Do You Need A Responsive Website?

Generating leads means delivering an amazing experience for your prospects. That can be achieved by knowing whether they visit your website via computer or smart phone. In other words, you must have picture perfect website design that works well on laptop as well as tablet size. If you don’t consider it seriously, have a look at these cold hard facts:

• Some 88% of New York adults own a cell phone of some kind as of April 2013. Studies show among them, close to 60% prefer web browsing and shopping on their mobile devices instead of desktops, laptops, or tablets.

• The same studies estimates that “smaller the screen size, larger the expected increase in prevalence by 2017”.

So, yes, you definitely need to think about how your site looks on a variety of screen sizes. By approaching a Web Design Company in New York you are benefitted in various ways. One of such is that you no longer have to build different versions for all the potential screens, be it laptop or the smaller android mobile. Like a fish in a bowl, the content will grow only as large as the space allows.

Openwave computing services is a leading Web Development Company NYC and way too passionate about helping entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who think smartly about achieving maximum ROI.


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4 Strategic Web Development Questions for High – Time Business Plan

Many a times, lack of long-term strategic thinking in the business application development world leads to disaster future. That leads to the obvious question: How do you build applications that adapt to change?

Is Your Website Interactive?  It is one of the factors unnoticed if it’s not required as an initial requirement for the project. Today’s B2B websites have to be robust enough to provide incredible visitor experiences as well as the need to be aligned with what they are trying to accomplish both internally and externally. In order to achieve this, websites have to be truly functional and useful for both customers and prospects alike while containing internal resources and costs. This means, companies must show seriousness towards integrating and using social media.

Will Your Web Application Work On Cross-Platforms? In an increasingly mobile world the need for build web applications that work across all platforms and devices is mandatory. Well, is this is taken care of, you must also consider future devices and platforms.

Do You Know Your Audience? When it comes to discuss how a website should look and function, audience plays a major role. There are many demographics here that influence your Website Design and Development like gender, age, profession and many more.  In Openwave, the professional take high steps to design custom website design right for your brand.

Is Your Design Goal Driven? Knowing the purpose of building a website is not only your need but also how do you make design decisions sync with your strategy? Say, increasing the number of subscribers to your Web service is the major goal. What are the important factors?

  • Creating a clear and concise “About Us” snippet on your landing page. This tells your visitors about the function of your website.
  • Using attractive colour and contrast for registration button or link.
  • Remove unnecessary and optional elements in the registration process.  Generally, people ignore long forms.

The main gist of strategic design is simply to fulfil that purpose through its design. Openwavecomp is a well reputed company for web design services and the excellent team work towards implementing the latest design trends just because they look attractive or shaping a  unique website for your project.

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