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5 Steps to Building a Small Business Website

small business websiteWhatever business you run, today it is necessary to have a website. This is true for any service, product or manufacturing business because having a website is the cheapest and easiest way to reaching a customer. It not only brings you customers and thereby increases sales, it also builds your brand value and credibility. You have two options to create a website:

1. Hiring a Web Developer

2. Do It Yourself

You will know which one to choose only when you weigh in all the options based on your app functionality, platform of your choice, business objective, sales target, etc. Now, let’s take a look at the five phases of developing your business website.

Phase 1: Information Assembling

This is the first step towards the development of your website: Gathering information. This includes the several criteria that you need to take into account when you start to develop your website. This step is of particular importance since this is where concept building is accomplished, i.e. the purpose for which the website is going to be established takes final form here. The things you need to consider here are:

• Purpose

• Goals

• Target audience

• Content

Phase 2: Planning

Once you’ve finished gathering all the information, you need to put together a plan for the website. This will be your sitemap for the rest of the development process. Here is where you need to list all the headings and subheadings showing which content goes where. Customer friendliness and easy navigation must be your watchwords.

To this end, you must decide upon which Content management system to use such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Phase 3: Design

This is the phase that decides the look and feel of the website. A website that serves a financial institution needs to have a different design from a website that sells books for children. You need to decide upon the colour, logo and the elements in order to establish a proper communication with the customer.

Phase 4: Development

This is the phase of the nitty-gritty. This is where technically speaking, the real work begins. Have a homepage followed by a ‘shell’ page (on the inner side). This would be your template for the main content on your site. This is also where your CMS elements or shopping carts (in case of an ecommerce website) become functional.

Phase 5: Testing and Delivery

The final stage of the web development process, this phase is crucial owing to its impact on UX. The testing has to be rigorous for if defects are detected post production, it will invariably result in negative review which cannot be rectified later.


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Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online Website

Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online WebsiteIn the trendy world not only dresses become old-fashioned, websites too. Having realized that, entrepreneurs are getting packed up with initiating new features on their websites and so does website designers.

Are you planning for redesigning your Open Source Shopping Cart? Try to exclude these features from it.

10 Features Out-Of-Date For Fashionista 2014

Flattery Web Design: Ensure your web designers make it neat, stylish and easy to understand while not overcrowding with images or elements.

AutoPlay Videos: Creating great video pleases people. With great content, people are sure to watch it in order to get to know you better. Having autoplay option can make people quickly close strange website than examine it.

Page Reload While Navigation: Don’t let your users to wait until the full page reload. Modern technologies allow reloading necessary content instead of the entire page.

Mobile Version: Yes, mobile version has gone out-of-date and Ecommerce Website Designers suggest a great solution like technologies responsive design.

Flash: With number of mobile users growing every year, say adieu to flash replacing HTML5 can perfectly substitute flash and would be visible on every device.

Overcrowded Fonts and Colours: Make sure your ecommerce shopping cart doesn’t flash with all colours of the rainbow but corporate ones and shades for background, menu bars, buttons, banners, etc.

Old Stuff: Different things tend to clutter in your website and getting rid of old stuff, though it seems to be still good, is required.

Automated Popup: They do not increase sales or subscription but only annoys, irritates, and most likely your visitor would just leave. Having abstract content would let them subscribe it.

Text in Images: Don’t put important text as a picture and chances is there your potential client will just miss something vital.

Old Date Content: If you have @2005 copyright or latest news of 2008 looks absolutely terrible.

Summing up, these are just a few simple steps to make your ecommerce store look fresh and nice!


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5 Major Variations Affecting the ROI in Website Design

If you are an online business owner and wants to own a dynamic website, understanding the strategies that affects the price of a website and total time taken to create is important. So, here we go…

Consider the top web design companies. Its major cost factors in web development includes: Project Management and Communication, Web Design, Content, and CMS platform.  Amidst the many factors affecting the variation in return on investment, here are the five main ones in website ROI:

Factors Affecting the website ROI

The Cost of Creating: Website costs can vary with respect to dollars and hours spent during design and development and are the baseline for the ROI.

The Traffic: If the Web Design & Development process tends to be search engine friendly, the site is far more likely to perform well in search engines. So, consider the cost of marketing that is actually needed to generate traffic.

The Cost of Maintenance: Build a site that will be easy to update. So that expenses such as web hosting, content marketing (blogging, email marketing, social media), and potential advertising costs can charge you less.

The Conversion Rate: Unlike traffic, it’s the web design that lets visitors to take action and become a lead or purchase through ecommerce. Therefore, make sure your web design is “user-centric”.

The Website Lifespan: Inspite of many car buyers think ahead about how long they may own the new vehicle; it’s not the same case with website buyers. Ultimately, this has a huge impact on the return on investment.

To sum up, a site that is effective for twice as long has twice the ROI. A great site will produce results for five years or more while the bad one will need to be redesigned within two years or less.

Hence, Openwave computing services is called the best platform to avail any type of web development services and web application services. We are the best in terms of quality, cost and timely delivery, and will help you maintain cordial and long-term relationship with our customers.


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4 Significant Concepts of Web 2.0 Design for Better Business Growth

Anyone who seeks to build an excellent application in Web 2.0 development must know that PHP is a key to web programming success.  Why because PHP web development lets you write scripts and embed them into HTML code on the server side of dynamic web pages.

Consider the following article is an introductory framework to explore Web 2.0 and PHP concepts.

Four Common Features in Web 2.0 Design

Web 2.0 Design: Consider any professional Open Source Web Development Company if you aim at high-level design. This includes the relationships and roles between the software’s major components. And, during the web design phase, it is extended to the details of the software architecture (or design) that including each individual component of the application.

While we pinning down a definition of Web 2.0 design, these are the four common features

• standards-compliant HTML and CSS,

• Ajax for a rich user interface,

• sharing data with web feeds and services, and

• Using social networking applications.

Standards-Compliant HTML and CSS: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has outlined the requirements for Custom web Development that is standards-compliant.

Ajax User Interface: Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to design dynamic web pages. While the web software can retrieve data from a server without synchronization, the display and functionality of the web pages are not changed.

Sharing Data With Web Feeds And Services: Google AdSense functionality is a web service in Php Website Development that feeds advertisements continuously on a site or blog.

Social Networking Applications:  The users can interact with applications like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogs.

So, next time you approach Web 2.0 Development Company, consider the value of PHP in designing a website with the principles of Web 2.0 design, especially if your site engages contributions from multiple users and includes information from third-party services.


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Role of SEO Friendly Website design in Online Business

Well, in today’s competitive market, companies understand the importance of having online presence, so does the concept of attractive and appealing website design to increase the traffic of your website. Research has shown that better website design helps you in gaining overall success faster.

If your website does not show up in search results when people do these searches, then your website just does not exist for the user. Even the Top Web Design Companies are unaware of the fact that it is not about developing a website but it has to be a SEO friendly one. For those who do not understand the importance of the role SEO plays in your website design, let this article be an eye-opener.

SEO and its Role in Website Design

SEO and web design must go hand in hand. During the time of hiring Web Design and Development Company, ensure they adopt better methods considering all about SEO for better results.

1. Popular search engines like Google always look for an SEO friendly websites. A website of appealing design is sure to expect more number of direct visitors as well as huge amount of traffic. If SEO were incorporated from the web designing stage, it is enough to spare less time and money in undoing what is already done and adding newer search engine friendly things to get your page ranking.

2. It becomes easier to get traffic to the site if it has an SEO friendly web design.  Else, chances are high to lose your brand value as well as volume of traffic. In other words, your website design is not search engine friendly.

3. SEO friendly website is found to be a more user friendly website. It loads faster than any other site and to make the site quick download, Custom Web Development should use proper HTML coding, ALT tags, target keywords and use proper links.

4. A web designer incorporating SEO best practices in your website means it goes beyond just content and linking- website with clean looks and speak about quality.


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Can Professional Web Development End Up Costing You More – Myths and Facts

In this current era of being connected, professional web development has suffered some effects in business that no one is likely to believe that they don’t exist. This article covers common myths surrounding web developers and Custom Web Development.

Professional Web Development Myths

Myth1 – Tools for Everyone: While there are many online tools like WordPress available on internet, for anyone not knowing anything about designing or developing website, it’s certainly not ideal for creating a corporate website that business owners want to be taken seriously. Only a Web Development Services helps you in long run.

Nowadays, nobody wait for cold calling or door service. Instead, if someone needs a good or service, they go to the web and do their research there.  If your business doesn’t look professional, obviously consumers will turn their backs off you forever.

Myth2 – Web Development Company is Not Affordable:  The cost of a professionally developed website is reasonably expensive. However, after thorough research find a web development company who can create a site for you that can fit your budget. The bottom line is that you should shop around for the best web development company considering these following factors,

• Who suits your needs
• How big you website must be
• The rich-features and functionalities
• The budget you have to work with

You are sure to find that the cost of having your website professionally developed is more affordable than you may think.

Myth3 – My admin Can maintain the website: May times, you grade your staffs. Good, but bear in mind, if you can’t concentrate solely on making money in your business, most inevitably it’s not going to be as successful as you desire.   There is some very talented professional Web Design and Development Company to build and maintain your website along with content management system to enable quick text and image updates.  And, once again, a professional look will make others spend more time on your site take your business seriously.


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Benefits of Responsive Website Development Services

Companies are shifting their focus from the store marketing to the online marketing.  Considering that,   many online store-fronts are under stiff competition in getting more sales. But the fact is that if only you get enough traffic in your website, you have chances to play this game. Thus, custom web development rapidly started spreading to every part of the world.

Responsive Website Development Is an Edge to Your Company

Like I said before, website is used as an agent of promoting the products and services among global customers.  Just a Website cannot bring customers of its own? It requires some qualities to attract visitors and this invites hiring a Web Design And Development Company. One of the recent challenges is that visitors are using different devices to search their essential products from the internet, other than desktops. Let’s see in detail.

According to a recent study, customers coming from Smartphones, iPad and iPhone are constantly increasing and the use of desktop is decreasing. If your company website is not suitable for various screens it leads to many complications during searches. Know how? Responsive website development suits both in desktop and in small screen devices for visitors.

Whether you design for mobile devices as a primary target or as a nice extra, responsive web design ensure that the same content can be accessed across all hardware platforms, from mobile phones to wide-screen high-resolution displays.

Some of its Strategies Include:

• Liquid or Fluid Layout: Instead of grid, all container widths are defined in terms of percentages, so that they expand and contract as the browser window changes size.

• Fluid Images: To set images occupy the maximum display width.

• Media Queries: on the basis of display capabilities such as size, aspect ratio, resolution, and colour depth, invoking different style sheets.

Not only has responsive web design a revolution in web design and development through which user experience has increased from different media in website. It scores as the best solution to increase traffic and eventually, the sales of your company.

Get these services done only from the Best Web Design Company, NYC who can meet advanced quality suitable to load in cross sites.


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