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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Setting Up a New Website

New WebsiteA website is at the heart of your business irrespective of what you’re into. And it is incumbent upon you to ensure that it is professionally designed and well maintained. This is because the website is your gateway to the global customer, and therefore your primary brand value builder. So, how do you ensure that you succeed in your effort and do not fall for the common mistakes that occur when you set up a new website?

For that, you first need to know the mistakes. So, here are the 5 mistakes we think you should avoid when you look to build a website:

1. Lack of a Legitimate Business Plan

Do you have a legitimate business plan? And if so, do you follow it scrupulously before you begin to develop your website? A business plan is not confined to just describing how you’re going to develop the website but exactly what you expect to get out of it.

So, does your plan answer questions as to what products and services you would want your business to sell? Does it detail the role of third parties in it?

And what solutions do your customers require that you provide?

And, it must have the most important question of all? Identification of the target market.

2. Lack of a Proper Marketing Plan For Your Website

This deals with getting more visitors to your website and converting them into customers.

• Understanding the difference between SEO and PPC
• Integrating social media platforms
• Getting to know Google Goog and other such ecommerce analytics tracking systems
• Researching affiliate market and selling through 3rd party platforms

3. Undervaluing the Work Involved

You don’t set up a website to get quick and easy money. There are other professions for that. From taking an order to integrating the payment system to shipping the product, there’s a huge amt of work involved that needs coordinating many heads together.

Make sure you get your business structure right. Because success doesn’t depend on you alone.

4. Don’t Be Too Blog-Focussed

WordPress might be a hugely popular blogging platform. But to develop a full-fledged website requires more than just a blog. Yes, you need content that attracts visitors, but you also need a whole list of other functionalities and tools for your website to function.

5. Great Optics but Little Message

This is often the case with upstarts. They invest heavily in the design, but let the content and core functionality go horribly wrong. Remember the design, content and all the marketing is for the core functionality. You get that part wrong, and you go wrong completely.


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How SEO and UX Can Together Improve Web Development

Among the many factors that go to determine user experience, SEO has come to be seen as a crucial one that determines a website’s conversion rate. A holistic view of SEO is key for a Web development project to reach its full potential. In this article, we look at how SEO and UX professionals can work together to fulfill a website’s goals.

SEO and UXHere’s how you get started.

Make Pressure Work for You, Not Against

First, you need to recognize that many UX and marketing experts see themselves on opposite sides of the fence. This is often the problem in the industry, but a healthy team can use this competition to improve development. SEO and digital marketing need to work in collaboration, rather than in isolation.

Create Site Goals and Reference Them during Decision making

Before moving onto design, content or marketing, UX and SEO must have a common understanding of a website’s goals. Creating buyer and user person as for a business is extremely important to help guide decision-making throughout a project. Ask yourselves the following questions when you find it difficult to come to a decision:

• What goal is achieved by this decision?

• Is this the best way to achieve our goal?

• Will it satisfy the user?

• How will it impact the user’s decision-making?

• Will this decision drive conversions?

Do not Create Content in a Vacuum

Firstly, you should not begin to write content without design in mind. Also, the design should never dictate the essence of your content. Determine the best method for developing content– determine the site architecture, the pages that need to be created or rewritten, the size of the content and the design elements that should be used.

A team effort for content structure will prevent delays, but most importantly it will result in better user experience. Quality content leads better conversion. Well-written content without the support of design elements will be lost on the customer. And quality design with bad content will invariably prevent users from trusting the message a brand is trying to deliver.

Prepare to Evolve

If you’ve ever been part of a web development project, you’ve mostly realized that you are never “over” with a project. User needs and web practices undergo constant evolution and it is essential that the project needs to evolve to keep pace with it. After launch, UX and SEO teams should test real-time and determine site performance and make iterative site changes.


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