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3 Major Challenges in Creating Responsive Designs

There was a time when businesses thought of going mobile. But that’s no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. Designers and developers understand this and are shifting to responsive design more than ever. But, it is also a fact that it is much more complex than a normal site or a dedicated mobile website. This article looks at the major problems that designers face and provides tips on how to recover from them in order to ensure that your site is properly optimized.


Website Loading Time

The main reason behind going for responsive websites is to enable convenience for mobile users. Yet most of them fail in this attempt. A recent study tested more than 300 sites and found that irrespective of the site under test, the page size and load-time results were almost the same. All that you need to do is the following:

Avoid using larger Image Files and Videos

Avoid large assets on a web page, particularly Javascript.

Avoid using unwanted links and personal comment icons

Restrict ads and social media pop-ups

Avoid having too many Widgets


Responsive designs rely on multiple images and CSS scripts for getting a customised layout that matches different screen sizes. At times, this might cud lead to a user downloading images that are not required as well.

This is where you conditional loading comes into play. If you want your design to run on desktops too as a dedicated mobile website, do care to check the code two to three times to ensure it is fully optimized to run smoothly.

Poor User Interface

That your ecommerce website runs well on mobiles need not at all mean that it is mobile friendly. Don’t look at only the aesthetics when you create a mobile web design but look keenly at the differences between needs of users who visit your site from different places.

Above all, it is important to know your customer’s feedback on what they intend to do on a mobile device as against their desktops. Make sure your responsive design adequately meets those needs.


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7 Steps to an Ideal Landing Page

Landing PageEvery business wants to convert visitors to customers. Though there are many factors that determine this conversion, key among those is the design and ease of use of the landing page of the website. In this article, we take a look at the ingredients that go into the making of the ‘perfect’ landing page and how one goes about achieving it.

1. Page headlines and Ad Copy

• The landing page headline and advertisement copy should complement each other

• Your Adwords score allows the site to discover the cost-per-click. This score can be improved by having consistent content between the ad message and landing page text.

2. Clear and Concise Headlines

• Being one of the first things the visitor will read, the landing page headlines should not confuse or bore, but compel a visitor to take a closer look.

• Addressing a specific point that is related to the content of a website will catch a reader’s attention more than having a vague and uninteresting headline.

3. Taking Advantage of Trust Indicators

• For an effective way of building trust, incorporate testimonials, press mentions, guarantee seals, and third party trust and security certification

4. Proper Grammar

• In the example of an online reader who is asking the visitor to purchase and provide personal and billing information, the trust of the customer will be risked if there are spelling errors and sloppy grammar.

5. Using a Strong Call to Action

• After a visitor reads the landing page headline, it is crucial that they know what to do next.

• In the case of Mozilla Firefox, when they changed their call-to-action from ‘Try Firefox 3’ to ‘Download now-Free’, it outperformed the original call-to-action by 3.6% and had a confidence level of over 99%.

6. Use Images and Videos That Connect

• Implementing motivational speeches, videos of user testimonials, and product images into a home page can have a positive impact on viewers, as well as give shoppers an extra push to look further into a product.

7. Buttons and Call to Actions Must Stand Out

• Identify the keywords people interested in your service might be searching for and use words such as ‘free’, ‘new’, ‘buy’ or ‘download now’.

• The conversion button should stand out and be placed right below a call-to-action. The button should be big, bright, and above where a user would have to scroll to it.

To create the ideal landing page, you’ll have to get the services of an expert web design and development company, one that combines expertise with experience. If you’re looking for that, you’ve got it at Openwave!


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How Does a Website’s Page Load Speed Impacts SEO and User Experience?

Do you know that websites that has good loading speed score well on search engine page results? That’s one reason why web development companies take site speed into account in our search rankings.

Going forward, we shall discuss on how page load speed impact Google rankings and user experience. So, let’s see.

Should SEO Worry About Site Speed?

pagespeed-scoresGoogle representatives have stated on several occasions that the page speed algorithm impacts rankings for less than 1% of search queries.  A few reports significantly impacting rankings:

• A site with load time issues saw “quite the drop in organic referrals from Google” when the page speed algorithm was pushed live.

• A 40% growth in traffic after addressing to issues related to website performance.

• Rankings for 7 of its top 10 keywords improved after site speed was increased.

Summarizing, Page rankings are based on a combination of dozens of small algorithmic factors that can help boosting your site. It would be a good idea to dedicate a small amount of your SEO time and/or budget to speeding up your site so it’s prudent to optimize this ranking factor.

Page Load Speed Impact User Experience

page-load-timeGoogle implemented a few algorithms and the reports showed that “slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds has a measurable impact on the number of searches per user.”

• 25% increase in pageviews by speeding up its site.

• 75% of users would ignore the website that took longer than 4 seconds to load.

• Even 1 second delay can negatively impact the conversion rate by 7%

As a whole thing, Page load speed impacts website user experience, its usability and conversion rates. The good news is that at Openwave Computing Services, NYC we come up with a tailor-made package for all kinds of web design and development services that includes responsive web design, SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Website Maintenance.


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5 Things People Hate about Your Mobile Website Design

mobile-website-designWe all know for sure that a mobile website is a great marketing tool in the digital world. Then, why there are still chock full of the elements that so many visitors have bemoaned over and over? Perhaps, the answer is “Designs”.

Having said so, we have compiled a list of the five most annoying things on mobile websites so as to act as a sort of guide for what to be shunned when designing your website.


5 Things People Hate about Your Mobile Website Design

1. Pop-Up Ads

The most obvious Pop-ups are seriously annoying, whether as a few new email subscribers, though worth all the traffic, but you lose when visitors abandon your site in annoyance.

Instead a well-written content and compelling CTAs/offers can encourage traffic.

2. Page Loading Time

Imagine silent browsing session is bombarded with your theme song or a talking head on a video for which they didn’t press “play” and can’t find the button for “stop,” Isn’t that annoying? Some might fumble for their mute button and never look back to you.

Let visitors choose to play your multimedia content without any completion.

3. Disorienting Animations

It takes 3 seconds for users to orient themselves on any given website design before they click ‘back’ in their browser. But then, any interactive entertainment as in animations, auto-play videos, blinking and flashing paid advertisements detracts from a visitor’s focus during those critical 3 seconds.

Let visitors focus on what they can do on that page with clearly written headlines and explanatory copy.

4. Missing Social Sharing Buttons on Content

Really interesting content on your site can infuse people to share on social media, perhaps. But when scrolling up and down looking for a “Tweet this!” button only to realize there aren’t any social sharing buttons on your website is a complete annoyance.

Social sharing options means your content gets more visibility, better search engine rankings, and eventually more leads.

5. Call to Action with No Promised Offer

There’s nothing more frustrating than being promised a 50% off coupon in the call-to-action copy but after redemption there’s a caveat that says you must first spend $1,000. This way you not only insult your visitors but make way to kill your reputation and the conversion rates.

As simple as it…Keep up your promises!

What mobile website components drive you nuts? Share them in the comments!


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How Can You Escalate Your ROI Renovating Website?

web designThere are many reasons why people don’t make keep their website up to date. Updating your business website may sometimes appear like a hectic task involving both time and money with the selection of an appropriate web designer.

But then it is considered as an important job to update your website regularly in order to have a better interaction with your class of customers. Below are mentioned several reasons you should think about updating your website:

Significance of Update Your Business Website Regularly

Change is Constant: It is very important that business related facts and information on your business website should be accurate. Any out dated information looks unprofessional and does not portray much about the concerned company. Also, same old website design is considered as a huge mistake as it will not attract customers.

Constant Updates Save Time: If you are planning to update the full website design one at a time can consume many weeks and sometimes whole month. But instead making little modifications when required shall save time and also assures customers a new look each time they visit the business website.

Layout Management: Layout plays a vital role and that’s why hiring an appropriate web design company that best suits your needs is important. Update your website by adding various new products and services or updating various advertising fields. The layout of your business website improvises the clarity and appearance attracts various customers.

Competition Factor: Customers prefer the most professional looking company regarding the products and services. If this isn’t in case of your business website then surely you should update immediately in order to make it better from other competing websites.

Openwave simplifies the process of renovating your website alongside maintenance using various methodologies say Content Management System tools,  and also Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your online visibility.


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Why Optimise Your Shopping Cart to Mobile Devices?

Smartphone with shopping cart on white background.Do you run an online store? Fantastic! Billions of people out there do the same. As far as you do maintain an elegant website, your desktop users will come back to you. But is that the same case with mobile users?

While most smartphone browsers do their best to make large websites easily viewable on the smaller mobile screens, it doesn’t create a seamless experience. Despite your site taking longer time to load, it also forces the reader to zoom and pinch again and again. Doesn’t sound good right? So, here we go…

Three Mobile Approaches to Attract Visitors

There are three main approaches to managing mobile visitors that ecommerce sites can adopt.

• Standalone Mobile: This is one of the earliest strategies many ecommerce sites follow where the server detects the device and then redirects to a purpose-made mobile site.

• Adaptive Web Design: This approach helps the server to deliver different HTML and CSS code to different devices that offers unique experiences for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

• Responsive Web Design: It doesn’t matter, which browser size or the type of device you use, the visitor sees how it’s laid out.

Are you still unconvinced? Read on to feed more….

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Your Online Store Optimised for Mobiles

Helps in Making Sales Decisions

Mobile ecommerce has become extremely secure with the introduction of secure payment services like PayPal. Approximately 74% of smartphone owners use their mobiles to get directions to stores and shops in their localities.

Promote Impulse Buying

Through attractive design, special offers, sales, discount coupons and several other similar features, shopping cart development enable users to checkout easily at the same time increase profits.

Online Purchasing Goes Wilder

More than 25% of smartphone and tablet users use only mobile devices for making online purchases. Meanwhile building a web store that works perfectly on different mobile devices means the scope of your online business is significantly high.

Does your eCommerce Site Impress Mobile Users? Does your shopping cart make it easy for users to buy your products, or does it annoy them? Hire professional web designers from reputed web development company like Openwave to get your online store up and running.


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