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Why Responsive Design Matters To You

It’s not desktops any more. Mobile phones have long replaced them as the primary device for web browsing what with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, all of them are now readable on mobile devices. But does that guarantee viewership for your site. No. Not if your site’s not responsive. Being responsive means having scalable and adjustable images that adapt to mobile device settings.

responsive-designSo what is the first main idea in a responsive design? The first one is a fluid grid. It is this design that enables layouts to fit or adapt to any screen size. In responsive designs, fluid grids work hand in hand with CSS3 media queries. The media queries are supported by a wide selection of browsers, and they allow you to collect information from the site user. You can then use the CSS styles for the collected data.

So, what are the advantages of having a responsive design? Firstly, you don’t need to give your user two different URLs. With a responsive design, you will have only one website for both your desktop and mobile versions. And this is done as the design process includes formatting the site to be compatible on different platforms and operating systems.

Multiple URLs are more difficult to use than they appear at the outset. Multiple URLs means multiple websites and maintaining all of them can be very expensive. Also, a responsive web design keeps you from spending extra money on designing multiple websites for supporting different devices. When you want to make changes to your current website, having a responsive web design will allow you to make alterations to only one design. A mobile web design, on one hand, will need you to make specific changes to all the multiple websites you own. Building a responsive web design also increases your chances for greater ROI, since your website will become uniformly user-friendly across different devices.

But creating a responsive website demands competence and experience. Now, the next question is competence and experience from whom? The answer is, from developers, of course! Have you chosen the right partner to deliver the goods to build a truly responsive website that takes your business where it belongs?


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4 Ways to Create a Good Website on a Small Budget

WebsiteHaving a good website is necessary to generate leads and sales thereof, for your business. But how do you create a website that does not exceed the budget but still delivers on performance?  As a new entrepreneur on a shoestring budget, the thought of investing in a website can be quite scary, which is why we share with you 4 top notch tips for creating a website well within your budget:

1) You could simply develop a one-page landing page instead of a full-fledged website. Once you generate leads from that landing page, you can invest again into your business to create the website you want. You could use software like Optimize Press or Lead Pages to create a landing page, cutting costs as well as making it easy for you to edit and maintain the page by yourself.

2) Another option you could avail is purchasing a WordPress website template and then have your web developer simply install the theme on your site (and customize it to your brand). If you go via this route, you will find that a lot of developers would lower the cost of their total packages for you. (P.S.: Don’t get a free WordPress template. Not only is that going a bit overboard in the cheap stuff department, it is also settling for mediocrity as the template there are no good!)

3) If you’ve hired somebody to develop a custom website for you, get a designer to do mock up of the home and interior pages in the first place. This way, you let the developer know precisely what you want and also have a graphic design file (editable) to use, which enables faster coding by the developer. If you fail to do a mock up first, you either end up with a design you don’t like, or you end up wasting a lot of money on having the developer alter the code to fit your revisions.

4) Sometimes, what increases your website development costs are plugins that integrate with your marketing software (email). Therefore, if you intend to capture people’s talking points on your site (which is a necessity), using LeadPages’ “LeadBoxes” feature is an easy way to set up opt-in boxes without any special coding involved.

If you take these suggestions, you will have to invest some money into your website of course, but it will cut some of the costs for you to make the investment easier on your cashflow.


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Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online Website

Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online WebsiteIn the trendy world not only dresses become old-fashioned, websites too. Having realized that, entrepreneurs are getting packed up with initiating new features on their websites and so does website designers.

Are you planning for redesigning your Open Source Shopping Cart? Try to exclude these features from it.

10 Features Out-Of-Date For Fashionista 2014

Flattery Web Design: Ensure your web designers make it neat, stylish and easy to understand while not overcrowding with images or elements.

AutoPlay Videos: Creating great video pleases people. With great content, people are sure to watch it in order to get to know you better. Having autoplay option can make people quickly close strange website than examine it.

Page Reload While Navigation: Don’t let your users to wait until the full page reload. Modern technologies allow reloading necessary content instead of the entire page.

Mobile Version: Yes, mobile version has gone out-of-date and Ecommerce Website Designers suggest a great solution like technologies responsive design.

Flash: With number of mobile users growing every year, say adieu to flash replacing HTML5 can perfectly substitute flash and would be visible on every device.

Overcrowded Fonts and Colours: Make sure your ecommerce shopping cart doesn’t flash with all colours of the rainbow but corporate ones and shades for background, menu bars, buttons, banners, etc.

Old Stuff: Different things tend to clutter in your website and getting rid of old stuff, though it seems to be still good, is required.

Automated Popup: They do not increase sales or subscription but only annoys, irritates, and most likely your visitor would just leave. Having abstract content would let them subscribe it.

Text in Images: Don’t put important text as a picture and chances is there your potential client will just miss something vital.

Old Date Content: If you have @2005 copyright or latest news of 2008 looks absolutely terrible.

Summing up, these are just a few simple steps to make your ecommerce store look fresh and nice!


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Significance of Quality Driven Web Design for Your Shopping Cart

A good website starts life in the design stage, including layout, colour, sound, content, functionality and website maintenance. No reasonable website builders should begin construction without a design, especially a quality one.

But what are the real benefits of hiring a professional web designer? And will an attractive Php web design bring in a virtue business? YES and here’s why.

Top Benefits of Quality Web Design


Encouraging More Visitors to Stay For Longer Time:

Instead of looking for more clicks, it’s time to drape visitors within your online shop and let know who you are. It takes something special to keep them interested to buy your product or service. Professional designers think about the big picture, starting from logo, business cards, and even your Twitter profile that forms a coherent whole.

Structuring the Website with the Nudge to Content:

Besides sparkly graphics to get attention, quality revolves distilling all of your unique selling points into one coherent visual message. Content has to align perfectly with the design and should speak the right stuff. Dedicated PHP Developers, work through navigation and call to action content that eventually directs people to what you want them to do.

Objective Perspective: Choice of Fonts, Spacing of Text, And Contrast

The choice of font size, spacing and contrast affect how readable and functional the site is. Despite you being an expert in running business, chances are there to lose as expert web designer. There needs to be a compromise between what you want and what works for the web.

Bear in mind, quality web design comes from the experience of knowing how to translate ideas into web pages.

Guaranteed Good Deal down the Road

Business owners and web designers have to work together to create a website which invokes proper communication and compromise for a satisfactory result. Quality design builds a solid foundation for Php ecommerce development has it already has a strong enough aesthetic that you don’t have to go back to square one.


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5 Major Variations Affecting the ROI in Website Design

If you are an online business owner and wants to own a dynamic website, understanding the strategies that affects the price of a website and total time taken to create is important. So, here we go…

Consider the top web design companies. Its major cost factors in web development includes: Project Management and Communication, Web Design, Content, and CMS platform.  Amidst the many factors affecting the variation in return on investment, here are the five main ones in website ROI:

Factors Affecting the website ROI

The Cost of Creating: Website costs can vary with respect to dollars and hours spent during design and development and are the baseline for the ROI.

The Traffic: If the Web Design & Development process tends to be search engine friendly, the site is far more likely to perform well in search engines. So, consider the cost of marketing that is actually needed to generate traffic.

The Cost of Maintenance: Build a site that will be easy to update. So that expenses such as web hosting, content marketing (blogging, email marketing, social media), and potential advertising costs can charge you less.

The Conversion Rate: Unlike traffic, it’s the web design that lets visitors to take action and become a lead or purchase through ecommerce. Therefore, make sure your web design is “user-centric”.

The Website Lifespan: Inspite of many car buyers think ahead about how long they may own the new vehicle; it’s not the same case with website buyers. Ultimately, this has a huge impact on the return on investment.

To sum up, a site that is effective for twice as long has twice the ROI. A great site will produce results for five years or more while the bad one will need to be redesigned within two years or less.

Hence, Openwave computing services is called the best platform to avail any type of web development services and web application services. We are the best in terms of quality, cost and timely delivery, and will help you maintain cordial and long-term relationship with our customers.


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4 Significant Concepts of Web 2.0 Design for Better Business Growth

Anyone who seeks to build an excellent application in Web 2.0 development must know that PHP is a key to web programming success.  Why because PHP web development lets you write scripts and embed them into HTML code on the server side of dynamic web pages.

Consider the following article is an introductory framework to explore Web 2.0 and PHP concepts.

Four Common Features in Web 2.0 Design

Web 2.0 Design: Consider any professional Open Source Web Development Company if you aim at high-level design. This includes the relationships and roles between the software’s major components. And, during the web design phase, it is extended to the details of the software architecture (or design) that including each individual component of the application.

While we pinning down a definition of Web 2.0 design, these are the four common features

• standards-compliant HTML and CSS,

• Ajax for a rich user interface,

• sharing data with web feeds and services, and

• Using social networking applications.

Standards-Compliant HTML and CSS: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has outlined the requirements for Custom web Development that is standards-compliant.

Ajax User Interface: Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to design dynamic web pages. While the web software can retrieve data from a server without synchronization, the display and functionality of the web pages are not changed.

Sharing Data With Web Feeds And Services: Google AdSense functionality is a web service in Php Website Development that feeds advertisements continuously on a site or blog.

Social Networking Applications:  The users can interact with applications like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogs.

So, next time you approach Web 2.0 Development Company, consider the value of PHP in designing a website with the principles of Web 2.0 design, especially if your site engages contributions from multiple users and includes information from third-party services.


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Revamping Your Site? How to Retain the Website Rankings Now

Redesigning your existing website’s appearance is one of the easiest ways to boost business. Shocked? But here is the logic. A website is similar to a house where the passing years act as weathering on the exterior. So, in order to retain the same glow and shine, it is very essential for your online front to look fresh and attractive.

In other words, if you want to increase the conversion rate and thus the internet traffic to your website hiring the best web development company that understands your needs is important. This article explains the step by step procedures to retain your website rankings in Google.

Step1: Planning

Identifying Goals: Determine your goals that include generating new leads from USA and how your website can help you achieve them.

Identifying Keywords: In web development, to decide on keywords is the basic foundation to reach the goals.

Step2: Designing

Content Management System: Web designers need to know that not everything can be an image or built in flash. If the content is all in an image, Google needs to determine what your content is about. Therefore, use CSS to stylize them rather than making menu items images.

Step3: Search Engine Optimization

On-page Tactics: On-page factors are very important make a big difference in rankings. This part of custom web development is controlled by the search engine optimizers to ensure if alt tags, Meta tags and page titles are in sync with the keyword goals.

Creating and Sending Sitemaps: By creating HTML sitemap, it allows the Google bots to find and crawl all your new website content pages.

Step 4: Launching a Website

Test and Monitor: Once your Offshore Web Development Company launches your site, you can go through the new website pages and make sure all the coding is correct and keep monitoring the error logs. As you do so, review the rankings to make sure the website did not fall off the search engine planet.

So, do you think it is hard to find a Web Development Company NYC? Cool. Next time, you approach one; make sure they are aware of these trends.


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