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3 Major Challenges in Creating Responsive Designs

There was a time when businesses thought of going mobile. But that’s no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. Designers and developers understand this and are shifting to responsive design more than ever. But, it is also a fact that it is much more complex than a normal site or a dedicated mobile website. This article looks at the major problems that designers face and provides tips on how to recover from them in order to ensure that your site is properly optimized.


Website Loading Time

The main reason behind going for responsive websites is to enable convenience for mobile users. Yet most of them fail in this attempt. A recent study tested more than 300 sites and found that irrespective of the site under test, the page size and load-time results were almost the same. All that you need to do is the following:

Avoid using larger Image Files and Videos

Avoid large assets on a web page, particularly Javascript.

Avoid using unwanted links and personal comment icons

Restrict ads and social media pop-ups

Avoid having too many Widgets


Responsive designs rely on multiple images and CSS scripts for getting a customised layout that matches different screen sizes. At times, this might cud lead to a user downloading images that are not required as well.

This is where you conditional loading comes into play. If you want your design to run on desktops too as a dedicated mobile website, do care to check the code two to three times to ensure it is fully optimized to run smoothly.

Poor User Interface

That your ecommerce website runs well on mobiles need not at all mean that it is mobile friendly. Don’t look at only the aesthetics when you create a mobile web design but look keenly at the differences between needs of users who visit your site from different places.

Above all, it is important to know your customer’s feedback on what they intend to do on a mobile device as against their desktops. Make sure your responsive design adequately meets those needs.


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Why Responsive Design Matters To You

It’s not desktops any more. Mobile phones have long replaced them as the primary device for web browsing what with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, all of them are now readable on mobile devices. But does that guarantee viewership for your site. No. Not if your site’s not responsive. Being responsive means having scalable and adjustable images that adapt to mobile device settings.

responsive-designSo what is the first main idea in a responsive design? The first one is a fluid grid. It is this design that enables layouts to fit or adapt to any screen size. In responsive designs, fluid grids work hand in hand with CSS3 media queries. The media queries are supported by a wide selection of browsers, and they allow you to collect information from the site user. You can then use the CSS styles for the collected data.

So, what are the advantages of having a responsive design? Firstly, you don’t need to give your user two different URLs. With a responsive design, you will have only one website for both your desktop and mobile versions. And this is done as the design process includes formatting the site to be compatible on different platforms and operating systems.

Multiple URLs are more difficult to use than they appear at the outset. Multiple URLs means multiple websites and maintaining all of them can be very expensive. Also, a responsive web design keeps you from spending extra money on designing multiple websites for supporting different devices. When you want to make changes to your current website, having a responsive web design will allow you to make alterations to only one design. A mobile web design, on one hand, will need you to make specific changes to all the multiple websites you own. Building a responsive web design also increases your chances for greater ROI, since your website will become uniformly user-friendly across different devices.

But creating a responsive website demands competence and experience. Now, the next question is competence and experience from whom? The answer is, from developers, of course! Have you chosen the right partner to deliver the goods to build a truly responsive website that takes your business where it belongs?


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Responsive Web Design Increase the Chances of a Website Succeed – SEO Secrets

In early 2012, the super arrival of smartphones and tablets has created a blaze to create a website that works across multiple platforms. Believe it or not, with a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions in the previous year, responsive web design is the future of online marketing.

Why has this made such waves in the web industry? And can a responsive layout increase the chances of a website succeeding when it comes to SEO?

Google Recommends Responsive

It is wise to pay attention to what Google loves. Needless to say, RWD is the best way to target mobile users and favours mobile-optimized sites when presenting results for searches made on a mobile device.

Plus, separate mobile websites have their own URL and different HTML to their desktop counterparts. In this case, responsive sites use one URL and one set of pages and files thus Google can easily find you and index content.

Conversion Optimization Benefits Of Responsive Design


Besides, the search and usability benefits, responsive also have a major impact on conversion rates from mobile users. If a website does not work on mobile or tablet devices, then will come back to you?

From an SEO perspective, one of the main challenges posed by having a separate mobile site is that you will need to build the authority of this site from scratch. And, there is no guarantee that your site, be it an ecommerce web store to rank well in search engines.

• One of its greatest benefits is that there is no need to compromise on the content you choose to display, this ensures visitors always receive the information they are looking for – which keeps them on page!

• Developers when redesigning it as responsive will enable you to maintain your back-links to focus your SEO on one single site.

• Unlike mobile site, here all of your links will be directed to one domain giving your responsive website a boost in the SERPs.

To conclude, going responsive offers visitors the best possible user experience. And, most of the web development companies now assure responsive web design but don’t get to blindly believe them!!!

If you want to optimize responsive design to your website, you need a web design expert to do that. Get in touch with Openwave immediately to implement this solution and boost your online business.


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4 Strategic Web Development Questions for High – Time Business Plan

Many a times, lack of long-term strategic thinking in the business application development world leads to disaster future. That leads to the obvious question: How do you build applications that adapt to change?

Is Your Website Interactive?  It is one of the factors unnoticed if it’s not required as an initial requirement for the project. Today’s B2B websites have to be robust enough to provide incredible visitor experiences as well as the need to be aligned with what they are trying to accomplish both internally and externally. In order to achieve this, websites have to be truly functional and useful for both customers and prospects alike while containing internal resources and costs. This means, companies must show seriousness towards integrating and using social media.

Will Your Web Application Work On Cross-Platforms? In an increasingly mobile world the need for build web applications that work across all platforms and devices is mandatory. Well, is this is taken care of, you must also consider future devices and platforms.

Do You Know Your Audience? When it comes to discuss how a website should look and function, audience plays a major role. There are many demographics here that influence your Website Design and Development like gender, age, profession and many more.  In Openwave, the professional take high steps to design custom website design right for your brand.

Is Your Design Goal Driven? Knowing the purpose of building a website is not only your need but also how do you make design decisions sync with your strategy? Say, increasing the number of subscribers to your Web service is the major goal. What are the important factors?

  • Creating a clear and concise “About Us” snippet on your landing page. This tells your visitors about the function of your website.
  • Using attractive colour and contrast for registration button or link.
  • Remove unnecessary and optional elements in the registration process.  Generally, people ignore long forms.

The main gist of strategic design is simply to fulfil that purpose through its design. Openwavecomp is a well reputed company for web design services and the excellent team work towards implementing the latest design trends just because they look attractive or shaping a  unique website for your project.

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The Best 3 Lessons from Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, as mobile users are increasing a large portion of site traffic comes from smart phones and tablets in addition to traditional PCs. The fraction of mobile Web traffic is sufficiently higher in nations with high smartphone penetration.  A recent report says, 20 percent of US-based Web traffic is via mobile browsing. Given below are the following key principles of responsive web design as a whole,

Being Flexible

The fact that to create similar content and experiences across multiple platforms is costly; It also requires site owners to choose platforms for which to optimize.

Responsive web design focuses on being flexible and adapting. It helps to address the investment costs and ensure that your users across all the latest mobile operating systems are enjoying a consistent experience.

Design the Process before Designing

Even within a given platform, site owners have to design for near-similar display sizes and resolutions. So, basically to manage multiple assets within the same platform adds complexity to the support matrix. This means every user is not on the same app version with the same set of features and the same bug fixes.

Usually, professional web designers would visualize the outcome. Instead, if they could start visualizing the steps and time it takes to reach their goals it can benefit greatly. Having a check list of the goals is extremely valuable as well.


Responsive Web design aims to provide an optimal viewing experience. This includes easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing and scrolling. Expanding the device lab expands the audience and eventually you get to know the audience and their experience. Secondly, feedbacks are very important. Sometimes, it comes from testing the site in a mobile device lab but other times talking to users or audience and what they see or need can help you through this. Either way, the moral is a responsive site can’t work without feedback.

Creating a responsive online store needs expertise and that’s why it’s advisable to engage a professional web development firm that has prior expertise in the domain for designing a responsive store. Openwavecomp is a responsive website builder helping businesses to create free responsive websites.

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Top 5 Advantages of Quality Web Design

With technology leaping and bouncing ahead of time it is increasingly getting easier and tougher simultaneously for companies to get the best of the online presence. A successful website starts with the web design team understanding the client requirements. And most importantly, kept in mind is that without having a Professional Web Design it will be tougher to get a good visibility. So…here we shall see the top 5 benefits of building a quality website.

Consistent Increase in Visitors: Don’t to love to convert a visitor to customers? This means you’re not looking for clicks but instead whoever browses through your site must get to know who you are and what services you offer. Not to forget, almost 80% of people will leave after one glimpse at your site. This is made possible only by stuffed professional Website Designers to display something special that increase the thirst to buy your product or service.

All-around Customer Service: The customer care industry was born solely to provide services and product information to their customers any time of the day. So, does a web site works. It offers information about the business and its products and services 24/ 7 even during holidays. A website also allows customers to provide the company feedback regarding their experiences with the brand. So that, both the parties, customers as well as the company can reach out to each other through the same channel and the appropriate web design ensures an environment where this exchange of information is smoothly delivered.

Nitty-Gritty: Quality design builds a solid foundation for the improvements you will want to make after the initial site is finished. Even if you want to add a new product or service the site will already have a strong enough aesthetic that you don’t have to go back to square one.

Keeping these in mind will definitely help in getting the best of the web results.  Openwave is a leading Web Development Company that offers a wide range of web development services using the finest tools in the industry. Be it WordPress, Magento Ecommerce, or PHP Web development, we cater to each of your specific requirements and deliver the best.

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Growing Demand for Responsive Web Design, A Boon or Bane

Nowadays, when we hear about website design, we’re told repeatedly to make sure if it’s mobile friendly. But why stop there? Instead of creating mobile friendly sites separately, how about investing in responsive web design? As the name suggests, responsive web design responds to the type of browser as well as the handheld device used. In other words, the same site can be viewed on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world. Isn’t that cool? Traditionally, we were building a site specifically for mobile users to match their convenience but now, a single responsive web design quickly responds to any platform used while ensuring a smooth user experience. So, is this a boon or a bane? Yes, it’s a boon, and here’s why:

A latest New York report says, Sales in tablet models are predicted to exceed 100 million in 2013 alone. Over half of the United State population use smartphones for their day to day online shopping needs. And as is obvious, mobile traffic is increasing, dramatically. This traffic shift partnered with the countless devices used to browse the web make it impossible for designers to customize a site for every platform. And that paves way for responsive web design having a single site that is accessible to all.

But that’s not the only perk! It’s found that out of 60% mobile users, most of them have complained that navigation on non-responsive site was difficult. This means, in business, investing in mobile responsive designs to consistently gain customers even as the market goes mobile is very important. Whilst there are so many things you can do to create a responsive website and most of all is to test it again and again beforehand and finding out what works for you as a whole.

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