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How You Can Leverage WordPress for SEO

WordPress SEOYou might write a very readable business blog on wordpress, stuff it with all information required, have wonderful pictures, audios and even exciting videos to accompany them, but that is not enough for your site to attract traffic on the internet. For that, you need to know how to optimise your site for SEO. If you can ensure that you optimise your site according to best practices, you not only stand to improve your rankings, but also gain customers.

Let’s now look at what you should do to optimise SEO for your site.

On-Page SEO

1. Make sure you include the keyword in your post URL. Change your permalink structure under settings->Permalinks and then select custom structure to change the value to include the category.

2. Include your keyword in your title and make sure it is attractive, explanatory but not too long (within 65 characters). Do not waste time in chasing keywords that are highly competitive. Choose one of the phrases and see if the search result number is large. If yes, avoid it.

3. Use your keyword within the post, but make sure you didn’t stuff it too much. Your post should have a keyword density of not more than 1-2%

4. Ensure your website content contains references and links to other important and relevant local businesses, places and events. It would also help if you included your city and region in important meta titles and descriptions.

5. You need to identify images that suit your keyword/phrase. Name your images prior to uploading them and ensure you fill out the title and alt descriptions when you upload.

Off-Page SEO

1. Make sure you’ve linked your post to any older/related posts. You should have also pinned your pos using my title or meta description which includes the keywords.

2. Complete and optimise your Google places for business listing and add your logo, bio and other keyword rich services and links to your website.

3. Ensure you add your business name and address to your facebook, Google+ pages adding a unique description and link them to your website.

4. Make sure that you have functional social sharing buttons available within your posts to enable others to share content your easily.

5. Encourage client reviews on local websites and make sure you reply every time as positive reviews set you apart from competitors.

Along with a linear, responsive site, if you’ve followed these 10 commandments, your site would well be on top of Google’s results next week!

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Why WordPress Scores Over The Rest

why wordpressWordPress content management system is highly sought after today with many other competitors vying for the same space. That WordPress is Open Source is an added advantage in creating blogs that are highly customizable. Creating content and feature rich websites and having full control over your blog is what WordPress gives you. Join us as we take a sneek at the features that make WordPress Development the most sought after CMS.

Being open source, WordPress is freely available for users. The only cost that it involves is on the WordPress blog development, which means one only needs to pay for hiring a reliable and reputed WordPress development company to fulfill his/her online business requirements. For those who have sufficient knowledge about WordPress or are WordPress experts can easily create advanced blogs and websites according to their WordPress CMS structure.

One easy way of getting an attractive and completely professional website from a professional WordPress CMS Development Service Provider is WordPress Theme Integration Services at affordable prices. We all know, WordPress framework supports a lot of themes , templates, etc and with WordPress Blog Integration Services you can put a powerful WordPress blog to your website as well.

Another exciting component of WordPress development are WordPress plugins, that allow you to install robust plugins to your site and adds new, innovative features to your WordPress blog or website. WordPress plugin integration also enables you to improve search engine rankings, remove spams, monitor traffic, add podcasts, galleries, permalinks, videos and a lot more.

Another benefit of opting for WordPress development is that with WordPress development you get WordPress maintenance services along with it and that too at an affordable rate. WordPress Theme Maintenance, WordPress blog Maintenance are some of the solutions that are important to make your blog or website run smoothly and without any hassle.

In this competitive world, if you seek to remain a step ahead of your competitors then you need to empower yourself with WordPress Integration Services. Apart from this, WordPress forum integration enables you to add powerful forum softwares in your website or blog such as BBPress.

If you already have a theme in your site or blog, then a trusted wordpress development company can provide you with amazing WordPress theme integration services as well. What we’ve mentioned above are just some of the key points that make people line up behind WordPress. There’s much more, for sure.

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5 Advantages of Using CMS for Your Website

cmsYou can build a site even without a content management system. So, why then is a CMS required? And, why exactly are businesses moving towards CMS driven sites? These are some of the questions that we wish to answer in this article as we discuss the benefits of using CMS for your website.

1. Its Easy For the Novice

All users are not techies, and so the functionalities of CMS are designed in such a way that they can be understood even by those who have little introduction to programming. If you can use the word processor, then you can use a CMS too.

2. It Allows Multiple Users

A Content Management System makes it easy for you to manage roles and publishing permissions for all users so that only those who you allow can publish content and it only goes live when you are ready.

3. Streamlined Scheduling

Any CMS worth the name will provide you an at a glance view of all the content’s status, those that are live, under review or draft. CMS allows you to assign tasks and see to it that they have been done. It makes it easy to integrate the content with your marketing plan and ensures all-round transparency.

4. Easy To Make Changes

Making changes to your site’s structure and content has never been easier. CMS separates the content and design, keeping them in two different virtual boxes. So, you can make changes to the design while the content remains untouched. You can also make changes in your administrative dashboard and propagate it automatically to the entire site. This is great from the branding point of view as it gives your site a consistent appearance.

5. Improves Site Maintenance

Sorting maintenance issues in a non-CMS site can be extremely difficult as you need to make changes separately in each page. You needn’t do that in a CMS as the underlying architecture is the same and you can add functionality just as you would update content.


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The Ultimate CMS Race: Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPress

Drupal vs. Joomla vs. WordPressWhat are the Content Management Systems (CMS) of today’s trend? Obviously, even blind-folded the answer would be these 3:  Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. But which one is the best- well, that’s not so easy to answer.

These 3 CMS are actually pretty much alike. Say for instance- Open Source, functions to publish and manage content and the best part is all 3 are based on the same technique, namely PHP and MySQL.

Similarities & Difference Between the Three CMS


Popularly known to be developer’s desire around the world and in fact Drupal is now a widely used platform in the USA, the UK and Belgium. Besides versatility, its stability and scalability allows large organizations such as NASA, Holland Casino, RTL News, The White House and Harvard to choose Drupal.

• Best used for Corporate, Magazine, Community and Intranet websites.

• Least suitable for a simple blogs and small websites as it might be a little overkill. Not recommended for beginners since learning all these features takes time to learn.


Actually started as a blog system, the biggest advantage of this CMS over others is that you can have a WordPress blog or website online within minutes and start working with it right away.

• Best suitable for Blog websites and magazine websites

• Least suitable for Ecommerce Website, and websites in which different roles are to be linked. Say, a community website, intranet, extranet and customer portal).


Being the oldest CMS than WordPress and Drupal, there are experienced developers and community for Joomla. The latest version CMS 3 has a lot of features like multi-language, auto-update, more options giving rights to specific users, a modern way of updating and all these features are made in small updates.

• Best suitable for Government websites, corporate website and magazine websites for more stability

• Least suitable for Personal websites and blogs that doesn’t need all the advanced features and complicated interface of Joomla.

Summing up, Drupal CMS is strictly for those entrepreneurs expecting a well-off site with the most advanced security.  If you want to have a blog in no-time, wordpress would be enough. Everything else, say a stable blog or website with zero errors for a long run without advanced themes and plugins then Joomla is the best choice.


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Open Source Web Designing – The Best Bet to Meet Online Presence

Open Source Web DesignThe growing number of online products and services has certainly caused a huge impact on every business player. Ecommerce Software Solutions needs to be both user and search engine friendly that appeals to grab good sum of customers. This invites to open source methods that takes various forms from blogs and CMS, WordPress to comprehensive ecommerce platform, Magento.

How Modern Web Design Works?

Available for large-to-medium-to-small business enterprises, it offers an ease to go for an open source customization.


Licensed software does not allow users to alter and the task for bringing flexibility becomes tedious. Whereas opensource like Magento Ecommerce provides the ease of alteration for users to change the software specification according to their business. It even let you customise and integrate with other technology and tools.

Quality and Cost Effective:

Unlike proprietary solution, Open Source Web Developers are constantly working on innovative aspects to enhance the functionality of their products. And the good news is with no licensing fees, it cost you a minimum amount which is why people are shifting from licensing software to open source software. Though it can be installed manually, for better result, hire experienced developers from an outsourcing company.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique for building websites that work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens, without having to worry about screen resolution anymore. This involves three main principles that come together to form the whole that is responsive design. They are:

* Fluid Grids- responsive websites are built with relative units like percentages, rather than fixed units like pixels

* Fluid Images- images shrink within the confines of a fluid grid.

* Media Queries- used to detect the site width and serve CSS that appropriately rearranges the site’s content.

Hiring Magento Ecommerce Website Development gives you a huge advantage in a competitive market as they work towards your business objectives and satisfy global customers.


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Top 6 Killer Benefits in Choosing WordPress CMS for Website

The content management system market has boomed and there are hundreds of open source programs and development companies that can provide your business with a CMS database.

Top 6 Killer Benefits in Choosing WordPress CMS for Website

And, why being a starter in online business should go for WordPress CMS website development? Here is your answer.

Why Should I Prefer WordPress for My Ecommerce Store?

Web Design:

The idea behind a content management system is that it allows website owners to make website development a breeze. While WordPress certainly facilitates this, CMS web designers also can make updates anytime they feel.


Being a scalable content management system, it can adapt in-line with your business. With no limits to the number of pages and blog posts, WordPress is flexi enough to let you set-up multiple users for members of staff to contribute on blogs.


Another benefit that attracts many users to WordPress is the fact it is highly customizable. There a wide range of themes to choose from along with additional plugins to purchase in order to enhance the look and functionality of your WordPress website. Though most plugins are free, you can purchase a bespoke plug-in from a web developer that can meet your needs.


Years back, mobile internet usage started to overtake desktop. Means, it is mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website that offers a great user experience across all platforms.

WordPress is a mobile-friendly CMS to create content and offer simple access. Whether you are at work or on the move, you can upload new content and make changes to your site- provided an internet connection.

SEO Benefits

WordPress websites have very clean and simple code. Thus making it easy for search engines to crawl and index their content. Besides, there are a number of SEO WordPress plugins (e.g. Yoast) to help optimize your site and improve search rankings. Cool, Right?

Excellent Support

Having access to an enthusiastic and supportive community, WordPress users can ask anything in forums and well-experienced user will answer it for you. Howbeit, compared to other content management systems like Joomla and Drupal that requires experts in technical coding, it is definitely the best choice for beginners.

Summing up, many website owners choose WordPress as their content management system to meet their needs. Get in touch with Openwave Computing Services, NYC to enquire more about a wordpress web design, get in touch with a member of our team today.


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Drupal CMS for Customized Web Design

Hundreds of open source content management systems are found on the Internet today. But still why would anyone be interested to design their business website, especially online store using a custom CMS?

Here is the answer.

Why Use a Custom Content Management System?

Even if you were a small business, you run the store to grow in business eventually? Isn’t it? This is why a custom CMS is recommended where you’d be getting way more than you might be using. Moreover, you’d be paying to re-invent the wheel for all the functionality of a brochure-ware site. Instead, use that budget towards differentiating yourself on design and search engine marketing.

Whether ecommerce or informational, it requires more work than your typical website. In ecommerce website development is implemented with a very rigid set of requirements for high performance, responsive and search engine optimization capabilities. Despite spending time on bending another CMS into working how you want it and to function at the level of performance required would give you a sub-par product and often takes longer than building it from scratch.

Drupal Content Management System


Drupal Content Management System

A custom CMS allows you to build a site that matches your business, workflow and needs. This way user gets content-rich and relevant results with a superior user experience. It should be said that Drupal or Joomla can’t afford it without significant development resources.

The most interesting part of all this… With Drupal Website Development, it is possible to build customized shopping cart with some custom design and hardcore SEO work to make it show even better. Also, it serves the best for high-performance, good-looking and exciting websites, as YOU need it.

Openwave Computing Services, one of its kind web development company, NYC offers a wide variety of affordable custom web design and web development services, primarily focused on the Drupal website development but also branching to consulting, project management, contracting, web hosting, graphic design and rebranding and strive to produce standards-compliant websites that are both elegant and functionally solid.


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