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How SEO and UX Can Together Improve Web Development

Among the many factors that go to determine user experience, SEO has come to be seen as a crucial one that determines a website’s conversion rate. A holistic view of SEO is key for a Web development project to reach its full potential. In this article, we look at how SEO and UX professionals can work together to fulfill a website’s goals.

SEO and UXHere’s how you get started.

Make Pressure Work for You, Not Against

First, you need to recognize that many UX and marketing experts see themselves on opposite sides of the fence. This is often the problem in the industry, but a healthy team can use this competition to improve development. SEO and digital marketing need to work in collaboration, rather than in isolation.

Create Site Goals and Reference Them during Decision making

Before moving onto design, content or marketing, UX and SEO must have a common understanding of a website’s goals. Creating buyer and user person as for a business is extremely important to help guide decision-making throughout a project. Ask yourselves the following questions when you find it difficult to come to a decision:

• What goal is achieved by this decision?

• Is this the best way to achieve our goal?

• Will it satisfy the user?

• How will it impact the user’s decision-making?

• Will this decision drive conversions?

Do not Create Content in a Vacuum

Firstly, you should not begin to write content without design in mind. Also, the design should never dictate the essence of your content. Determine the best method for developing content– determine the site architecture, the pages that need to be created or rewritten, the size of the content and the design elements that should be used.

A team effort for content structure will prevent delays, but most importantly it will result in better user experience. Quality content leads better conversion. Well-written content without the support of design elements will be lost on the customer. And quality design with bad content will invariably prevent users from trusting the message a brand is trying to deliver.

Prepare to Evolve

If you’ve ever been part of a web development project, you’ve mostly realized that you are never “over” with a project. User needs and web practices undergo constant evolution and it is essential that the project needs to evolve to keep pace with it. After launch, UX and SEO teams should test real-time and determine site performance and make iterative site changes.


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9 FoolProof SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

wp-seo-tipsWordPress is one of the oldest and most popular content management systems that are available for easy downloading and installation. But this isn’t enough to make the site successful for SEO, security and performance.

Here are some basic tips will improve your WordPress site for SEO and the user experience.

Optimize The Content: To bring up an effective optimization, it is needful to have high quality and unique content that contains keywords that highlights the overall theme of the post.

Use Search Engine Optimized Themes: Instead of using a lot of code to create the layout and design, fast performing themes are good for your Google ranking as this one criterion determines your ranking. More the code, less the content and keyword density!

Alt Text for Images: Make sure you have the alt text entered for all your images as this is the text that appears in case the image is not found.

Share Your Post On Social Networking: Don’t mistake. This isn’t about promoting yourself but other posts and websites you like. This shall encourage others link back to you.

Get Rid Of Black Hat Techniques: Don’t try to trick Google. Recently, some pretty high-profile portfolio sites were penalized which means they are watching you.

Avoid Flash: You might have heard this many saying and yes, flash is virtually invisible to search engines.

Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is free and so easy to implement. This plug-in makes it easy for you to connect your profile to WordPress without having to worry about copy and paste.

Add Some Update Services: While creating new pages and posts, it might take some time for that new URL to be indexed by search engines. At that time, take chance to add update services within the General Settings page. Else you might miss some big organic search opportunities.

Name Your Image File: Google draws images in the calculation of the ranking so naming your image (e.g. john.jpg) provide better usability and optimization for your search ranking.

These are only a few samples to optimize your WordPress Website. If you are really serious about online visibility and beating the competitive edge, hiring a web development company along with Search Engine Optimization analyst would be the best thought ever.


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How Does a Website’s Page Load Speed Impacts SEO and User Experience?

Do you know that websites that has good loading speed score well on search engine page results? That’s one reason why web development companies take site speed into account in our search rankings.

Going forward, we shall discuss on how page load speed impact Google rankings and user experience. So, let’s see.

Should SEO Worry About Site Speed?

pagespeed-scoresGoogle representatives have stated on several occasions that the page speed algorithm impacts rankings for less than 1% of search queries.  A few reports significantly impacting rankings:

• A site with load time issues saw “quite the drop in organic referrals from Google” when the page speed algorithm was pushed live.

• A 40% growth in traffic after addressing to issues related to website performance.

• Rankings for 7 of its top 10 keywords improved after site speed was increased.

Summarizing, Page rankings are based on a combination of dozens of small algorithmic factors that can help boosting your site. It would be a good idea to dedicate a small amount of your SEO time and/or budget to speeding up your site so it’s prudent to optimize this ranking factor.

Page Load Speed Impact User Experience

page-load-timeGoogle implemented a few algorithms and the reports showed that “slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds has a measurable impact on the number of searches per user.”

• 25% increase in pageviews by speeding up its site.

• 75% of users would ignore the website that took longer than 4 seconds to load.

• Even 1 second delay can negatively impact the conversion rate by 7%

As a whole thing, Page load speed impacts website user experience, its usability and conversion rates. The good news is that at Openwave Computing Services, NYC we come up with a tailor-made package for all kinds of web design and development services that includes responsive web design, SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Website Maintenance.


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5 Important Facts Your Web Development Company Should Do

5 Important Facts Your Web Development Company Should DoTrends come and go in web development. This transition empowers developers to build inevitable websites and faster apps that perform consistently across all devices.

Winning in a digital world still requires hard work, focus and new skills and what should you ecommerce developers being telling you?

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Most businesses in the past had to rely on advertising to attract customers. But now in the Google world all it requires is search engines to find you. Hiring an Ecommerce Website Development Company is important to build and optimize your website, social networks and content.

A team of “SEO” (Search engine Optimization) can enhance 40-60% of website traffic being a result of an online search.

Developing Ecommerce Site Requires Focus

Launching a new ecommerce website that ticks others is not to be taken lightly. It starts with workshops and then the hard part begins. It includes:
Creative brief, design, Development, Product loading, content creation, Integration, Testing, Launching, Optimizing, Marketing and Website Maintenance.

Content Is Important

A social web is the way to build trust and credibility is to publish online. That means crafting content that Educates, Informs with the latest news, Entertains, and Inspires your customers to change their business and their lives is VERY important.

Facebook Organic Search

Facebook is dominating the social web and so does many brands. Putting all of your eggs in it can result in a rapid demise of organic reach to your fans to single digits. Not only is it a smart and safe strategy but an integrated approach to your digital marketing strategy.

Automating and Integrating

Once websites were a standalone eco-system but now it has become a source of next day delivery, informative to customer queries and many more. Instead of manually break out somewhere automate and integrate your website with your back office systems. Hope your website developers are well informed of these.

Summing up, there is a lot more a professional website development company, NYC can do it for you. Say, we at Openwave Computing Services design various ecommerce solutions that deliberately focus on the user experience. And, our only objective is to ensure visitor retention and delivering high converting ecommerce websites that yield higher profits.


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Does Your Business Require a Web Application?

Every aspect of our day-to-day life has witnessed change of life style from shopping to seeking jobs. The new technology has made it possible to conduct business online which results in the phenomenal rise in the number of websites.

Being a business starter, if you have ever thought about implementing web application development, then it is sure that it is approaching the success path. And here we shall see why and how does it happen?

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application DevelopmentCustom web application development is a way to filter up the needs of a company in the perspective that what they actually want. Say for instance, if a company wants to manipulate the number of website visitors arriving for one particular brand, they can approach a web designer to launch an online poll app and display it on their website. As end result, you get the essential information it requires to determine and thereby settle on the marketing strategy on these specific lines.

So… why approach custom web application development? Well, through which it is possible to exhibit the most business requirements and focus on matter that covers more attention.


Importance of Hiring a Good Custom Web Design Company

No doubt, web application can engage the users positively and assist online businesses generate huge profits. Howbeit, only a custom web design ensures attractive visual appearance, customization, flexibility, easy access and so on. This is why you need to hire a custom web design company. Their thorough professionalism is an imperative for a website’s smooth functionality or you are likely to lag behind.

Summing up, the implication of PHP Web Application is turning today’s online businesses. If used in the right way, chances are more to prosper business strategy and harvest success on the Internet.


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Top 5 Common Mistakes Most Designers Fail To See

Website Design Mistakes to AvoidEither new or experienced, negligent professionals are vulnerable to commit mistakes while designing. So, let’s have a look at the common mistakes happening in ecommerce website design so that you are aware of such blunders and try their best to avoid.

Most Avoidable Website Designing Faults

Planning the Right Line of Action:

Some of the most accomplished web designers think it is okay to get into the web design phase without planning the right line of action. An action plan involves,

• Assessing the targeted audience, and

• The strategies that helps you achieve

Having a clear goal, tracking the design in different phases, and evaluating each section individually help you avoid from going wrong.

Be Creative but With No Complexity

When designing the website, most importantly you need to keep the clients’ requirements in mind. There is a need to create web designs that are relevant and adds value for the visitors. Furthermore, neglecting a client’s suggestions would only result in unnecessary revisions and wastage of precious time.

Use of Good SEO Techniques

This seems to be very important for the website. There is no use of creating a website or spending so much effort on designing a website where no one visits. Means, a good website designer need to incorporate SEO into websites or else it will be a serious negative point against them.

Connecting Every Web Design Element with the Overall Theme

The clash in the colour scheming or fonts or navigation will reflect negatively in the Open Source Shopping Cart and the visitors will easily find out such huge blunders and blame the non-professional attitude and lack of exposure and skills of the website designer.

Very Interactive Design Style

Almost 99% users prefer to interact with the website and this trend urges socialised Ecommerce Web Design Services. Not to forget, only the level of interactive tendency makes your customers feel like they have got some significance and value for the business being represented by the website.


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Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online Website

Top 10 Features That Are Out-Of-Date for Online WebsiteIn the trendy world not only dresses become old-fashioned, websites too. Having realized that, entrepreneurs are getting packed up with initiating new features on their websites and so does website designers.

Are you planning for redesigning your Open Source Shopping Cart? Try to exclude these features from it.

10 Features Out-Of-Date For Fashionista 2014

Flattery Web Design: Ensure your web designers make it neat, stylish and easy to understand while not overcrowding with images or elements.

AutoPlay Videos: Creating great video pleases people. With great content, people are sure to watch it in order to get to know you better. Having autoplay option can make people quickly close strange website than examine it.

Page Reload While Navigation: Don’t let your users to wait until the full page reload. Modern technologies allow reloading necessary content instead of the entire page.

Mobile Version: Yes, mobile version has gone out-of-date and Ecommerce Website Designers suggest a great solution like technologies responsive design.

Flash: With number of mobile users growing every year, say adieu to flash replacing HTML5 can perfectly substitute flash and would be visible on every device.

Overcrowded Fonts and Colours: Make sure your ecommerce shopping cart doesn’t flash with all colours of the rainbow but corporate ones and shades for background, menu bars, buttons, banners, etc.

Old Stuff: Different things tend to clutter in your website and getting rid of old stuff, though it seems to be still good, is required.

Automated Popup: They do not increase sales or subscription but only annoys, irritates, and most likely your visitor would just leave. Having abstract content would let them subscribe it.

Text in Images: Don’t put important text as a picture and chances is there your potential client will just miss something vital.

Old Date Content: If you have @2005 copyright or latest news of 2008 looks absolutely terrible.

Summing up, these are just a few simple steps to make your ecommerce store look fresh and nice!


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