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PHP/MySQL Development Services – Why Business Love This Way

php_mysql_developmentThe websites has become an integral part for businesses and development of robust and dynamic websites or web applications using the most powerful tool PHP/MySQL is highly preferred. But, why? Simple! When combined PHP – the server side programming language and MYSQL – an open source relational database management system together, it delivers highly unique solutions.

More than that, here are some of the advantages of PHP/MySQL Web Development to give enough reasons for the selection.

1. Server Side Scripting Language: PHP helps you create dynamic pages with customized features meanwhile providing a user-friendly and interactive website or web application. This totally enhances a flexible user-engagement.

2. Ease of Use: Not only that its learning curve is easy as compared to the other programming languages but its syntax can easily be parsed. Its stability is sure to solve many problems with ease.

3. HTML Embedded Codes: PHP is a cross-platform compatible language and its ability to decode HTML is un-doubtfully a plus point and there is no need to have separate coding for PHP. A few more advantages that follow:

• Easily be incorporated into a code generated by WYSIWYG editors

• Cost effective while increasing the efficiency of the websites or web applications

• No need to rewrite every line of HTML in a programming language

4. Ideal for Ecommerce Development: Highly customisable because of which it is easily integrated for ecommerce development as per the business specific needs of the clients.

5. Cost Effective: Very cost-effective and never cost an extra dime after developing the website as it has got free license.  It is worth knowing that Apache/PHP/MySQL combo runs perfectly well on a low cost, low end hardware that you can ever imagine for IIS/ASP/SQL Server.


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Does Your Business Require a Web Application?

Every aspect of our day-to-day life has witnessed change of life style from shopping to seeking jobs. The new technology has made it possible to conduct business online which results in the phenomenal rise in the number of websites.

Being a business starter, if you have ever thought about implementing web application development, then it is sure that it is approaching the success path. And here we shall see why and how does it happen?

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application DevelopmentCustom web application development is a way to filter up the needs of a company in the perspective that what they actually want. Say for instance, if a company wants to manipulate the number of website visitors arriving for one particular brand, they can approach a web designer to launch an online poll app and display it on their website. As end result, you get the essential information it requires to determine and thereby settle on the marketing strategy on these specific lines.

So… why approach custom web application development? Well, through which it is possible to exhibit the most business requirements and focus on matter that covers more attention.


Importance of Hiring a Good Custom Web Design Company

No doubt, web application can engage the users positively and assist online businesses generate huge profits. Howbeit, only a custom web design ensures attractive visual appearance, customization, flexibility, easy access and so on. This is why you need to hire a custom web design company. Their thorough professionalism is an imperative for a website’s smooth functionality or you are likely to lag behind.

Summing up, the implication of PHP Web Application is turning today’s online businesses. If used in the right way, chances are more to prosper business strategy and harvest success on the Internet.


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Open Source Web Designing – The Best Bet to Meet Online Presence

Open Source Web DesignThe growing number of online products and services has certainly caused a huge impact on every business player. Ecommerce Software Solutions needs to be both user and search engine friendly that appeals to grab good sum of customers. This invites to open source methods that takes various forms from blogs and CMS, WordPress to comprehensive ecommerce platform, Magento.

How Modern Web Design Works?

Available for large-to-medium-to-small business enterprises, it offers an ease to go for an open source customization.


Licensed software does not allow users to alter and the task for bringing flexibility becomes tedious. Whereas opensource like Magento Ecommerce provides the ease of alteration for users to change the software specification according to their business. It even let you customise and integrate with other technology and tools.

Quality and Cost Effective:

Unlike proprietary solution, Open Source Web Developers are constantly working on innovative aspects to enhance the functionality of their products. And the good news is with no licensing fees, it cost you a minimum amount which is why people are shifting from licensing software to open source software. Though it can be installed manually, for better result, hire experienced developers from an outsourcing company.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique for building websites that work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens, without having to worry about screen resolution anymore. This involves three main principles that come together to form the whole that is responsive design. They are:

* Fluid Grids- responsive websites are built with relative units like percentages, rather than fixed units like pixels

* Fluid Images- images shrink within the confines of a fluid grid.

* Media Queries- used to detect the site width and serve CSS that appropriately rearranges the site’s content.

Hiring Magento Ecommerce Website Development gives you a huge advantage in a competitive market as they work towards your business objectives and satisfy global customers.


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Key Reasons to Choose Offshore PHP Web Development Services

PHP Development ServicesBe it any range of business, especially small to medium, all are looking to decrease their overhead operating expenses while reaching out wider market. This invites Web Development Service that offers enough funds to reach-out to a much bigger market. Of which, PHP web development gained huge popularity as it is the most useful technique to develop websites and other alluring web applications.

To make it effective, hire PHP Web Development Company from offshore region like India who are dedicated to provide on-time and on budget services. There are numerous reasons that compel you to go with an offshore company.

1. Knowledge Base and Experience

Offshore companies will have highly experienced and skilled developers to work on your project who can comprehend your project requirements and work on it delicately so as to offer one of its kind services.

However, you should ensure the type of training and ongoing classes they offer employees in order to keep up with trends and expand their technical knowledge

2. Sufficient Resources To Deliver On Time

With sufficient resources, they plot a project planning as well as time to concentrate on your project deeply and make it successful without any hassle. This way, they can provide you highly effective solution that developed by their experienced developers.

To add to the value, check if the IT outsourcing and website development company has certifications and awards that are related to their industry.

3. Proven & Tested Communication Channels

Most of all offshore PHP development companies offer highly proven and test communication channels to their customers with these channels. While controlling and monitoring the whole project, a proper communication plays a very significant role in getting one’s work done by employees and contractors.

To understand the level of satisfaction from the employees working there, look on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn which will clearly list the employee’s background/work experience.

These are just a few reasons that why any businessman should opt for any offshore team. Have you decided to go with a professional offshore PHP development service? Hire Openwave Computing Services.


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Have You Done These Mistakes When Developing an Ecommerce Website?

Have You Done These Mistakes When Developing an Ecommerce WebsiteThe main aim of ecommerce website development is to gain online visibility and reach out to as many people around the globe and offer the visitor with a fruitful experience.

However, to achieve this there are several common errors that should be avoided during website development.

Common Website Development Mistakes

Mistake 1-Navigation:

The website navigation should be organized in a manner that is of a standard convention- nothing more or less. If only your ecommerce web developers stick to the proper standards and trends and use good graphic interface elements, it wouldn’t be hard for the user to find the ‘home’ and ‘contact us’ links.

Mistake 2- Graphics and Flash:

Flash is one good technology to get the message across graphically and attract visitors during ecommerce web design. But when the websites use very big flash files (big in size), it takes longer time to load. Besides, they do not even have a loader informing the visitors of the fact that something is being loaded.

Mistake 3- Accessibility:

The basic requirement of your website is its accessibility to enumerable web browsers, devices and operating systems that are being used.

With smart phone on the rise, if they are unable to view the website made for the desktop on their small screens then they tend to get irritated quickly and ditch the website forever. Go for Responsive web design to overcome this mistake.

Mistake 4- FAQ:

It is still a puzzle why many web developers neglect FAQ section? But forget not, this can be one of the most frustrating times for a user who expects to have everything available to him to have a fruitful experience. Plus, good relevant information provided on strategic and functional topics will counts towards gaining a new customer.

Mistake 5- Contact Details:

One of the most visited pages of any given website is its “Contact Page”. Obviously, one first checks the contact page prior t to making a purchase in order to check credibility. Besides, users are usually curious to know where the ecommerce business is located.

Have you done any of these mistakes? Don’t worry. Go for redesigning your website that functions perfectly with Openwave Computing Services, NYC. We are experts in various web development services but majorly focused on ecommerce solutions.


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Best Practices in PHP Web Development for Business Credibility

Best Practices in PHP Web Development for Business CredibilityNowadays, customers gauge the credibility of your business with your online presence. In other words, majority of businesses are happening online, say for instance shopping cart development in countries like USA and Europe. Because of which, there are many web-based technologies emerging in the market.

One such that leverage steady rise in its popularity with 60% dominance on the Internet i.e. in more than 20 million websites is PHP Web Development.

So.. What Is The Role Of PHP In Online Business?

PHP web development is an aspiring field that powers all kinds of websites around the world, including businesses, governments and social media systems. Its product platforms like Magento Web Development can bring wonders to your online store business. One of the key characteristics that set apart PHP from other similar system is its Multi-featuredness. However, to enjoy the complete benefits hire a dedicated PHP developer who has in-depth knowledge about the language.

What Can They Do For You?

Already supplying its solutions to over 40,000 companies around the world, with many leading brands taking advantages, some of the good practices of dedicated PHP developers include:

• Using PHP functions in code offers many time saving functions like usort(), file_get_contents(), etc.

• Should acquire adequate knowledge of scripting that is key behind rapid and standard PHP programming.

• Recommended to keep a record of essential code snippets.

• Should use a version indicating system for codes which must be different when live version and development versions

• Always ensure that your code is not over bundled or clumsy; rather develop an organized way of programming the code.

To conclude, Openwave Computing Services, a leading Web Application Development Company provides customers with scalable PHP development solutions. Hiring our experts will help you tackle the most challenging software problems at breeze, be it analysis, debugging, coding and even website maintenance.


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Ecommerce Website Designers to Vote for Magento Development

Ecommerce Website Designers to Vote for Magento DevelopmentToday’s global market agrees to the fact that ecommerce web design and mobile ecommerce (mcommerce) is one of the fastest growing markets. Magento is an ideal, open source content management system for ecommerce website design. Well, no wonder Lenovo, Samsung and Nike are its clients. Its vast popularity comes from its’ host of features for which many open source systems cannot compare.

This article discusses on three reasons why custom magento development is recommended among pious designers.

Customized Web Design

Highly flexible, Magento ecommerce allows designers to be very creative without detouring site usability. The numerous 100% customizable design templates available is an added value, can say. Besides, there is a theme management system where we can customize the design, accordingly.

Unique Features

Magento development offers a few features making it unique and easier to manage through the platform making business less cumbersome.

• Consumer’s coupons, vouchers and other promotional ventures

• A whole host of tools like bundled products and up-sells to maintain efficiency of shopping cart development

• Magento’s Catalogue Management eases with bulk processing and batch import and export capabilities.


Magento Enterprise or Magento Professional can save business money and time when it comes to PCI compliance. Magento Secure Payment Bridge helps them meet it using secure payment application. The requirements to adopting consistent security measures are broken into 6 groups:

• Developing and maintaining a Secure Network

• Secure the personal details from Cardholder

• Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

• Regular Monitoring and Test Networks

• Implement Strong Access Control Measures

• Maintaining an Information Security Policy

Unlike large corporations, the needs of smaller business organizations vary. Almost everything, from space or budget to time constrains, companies cater their needs within given budget line. For those who are seeking one of such service providers who are highly attentive and completely reliable, Openwave Computing Services, a leading web development company, NYC specializing in ecommerce is the just.


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